The Ballet

My oldest daughter, Joi, was part of the 2002 Dance Recital for Vicki's Dance Studio on Saturday, May 25 held in the Pineville High School auditorium. This is Joi's second year in dance and she's doing wonderfully! Last year she was a part of the Angels group which dances to Christian music. This year she was invited up to classical ballet and we recently found out she has qualified for the next level. She really enjoys getting to use her pointe shoes!

This was my second attempt to take pictures using a Sony Mavica FD-88 camera. They were originally taken at 1024 x 768. Then I resized them to 640 x 480 to put on the web. The photos below are thumbnails that link to the 640 x 480 pics. If anyone would like to see any of the 1024 x 758 files, I could post them by request.

I didn't do any special work to these pictures, other than cropping a couple of them down and on a couple of them I took out other dancers so Joi would be more highlighted in the picture. But I didn't do any color adjustments at all. I did the few adjustments in IrfanView, a handy image viewer/manipulator. Here goes!

02JoiBallet-001.jpg (34494 bytes)

This is a shot of the entire group near the beginning of the performance. Joi is the fourth from the left - she's the one in the air. (Click on picture for larger view.)

02JoiBallet-002a.jpg (29571 bytes)

I cropped out the arms of the two girls who were on either side of Joi and it gave a nice picture just focusing on Joi. (Click on picture for larger view.)

02JoiBallet-003a.jpg (20945 bytes)

I also cropped out girls on either side in this picture as well. They weren't really in the picture, just their arms and legs. This gave a much cleaner picture. (Click on picture for larger view.)

02JoiBallet-007.jpg (36119 bytes)

Joi was in the back row for a good part of the dance. This is her second year and a lot of the girls in this group have been dancing longer. She's really advanced very well, according to her instructors. (Click on picture for larger view.)

02JoiBallet-010a.jpg (19553 bytes)

This is my favorite picture of Joi. She had just received her 2nd year trophy and was watching others receive theirs. I was so proud of her! (Click on picture for larger view.)

02JoiBallet-013a.jpg (37507 bytes)

After the recital we stopped out in the foyer to take a couple of pictures. Probably should have gone outside or used a flash but she's still beautiful! Lori got her a set of earrings and the balloon bouquet. My mom got her a beautiful pendant. (Click on picture for larger view.)

02JoiBallet-015.jpg (50588 bytes)

The Three Musketeers! Faith and Hope enjoyed seeing Joi on stage as much as Joi enjoyed seeing them on the same stage two days earlier in The Wizard of Oz. (Click on picture for larger view.)


Beautiful dancer

A brief video of Joi. I don't know the name of the song but it was pretty.
02JoiBallet-005.mpg (560 KB)

Beautiful girl!

The first part of this brief video Joi is hard to spot because she's in the background. But once they start moving around she's easy to pick out. She's so graceful!
02JoiBallet-006.mpg (448 KB)