This page will be a work in progress. I'll have miscellaneous links to things I'm interested in. I'll try to group them in the future but for now I'm just throwing this page out there.

Christian Challenge - My home church in Pineville, LA and one of the websites I maintain.

Pineville - My home town and one of the websites I maintain.

Precision Woodworks - My brother and I opened a cabinet shop in 1999. 

The BMX Shop - My brother also has a small bicycle shop that caters just to BMX bikes. He is the volunteer track director for the BMX track in Pineville and all of his children race BMX so this was a natural outgrowth for him.

Evangelical Pastors' Fellowship of Central Louisiana - A group of pastors formed the EPFCL in 2000 to impact our community for Jesus Christ. Our goals are to foster fellowship and relationship between pastors and provide a platform for a voice on moral issues in the community. 

Guard Her Heart - I started this website a couple of years ago as a reminder to myself of how important a father is in the lives of his daughters. It hasn't had much recent development but I'd love to have articles from fathers or daughters about what that relationship has meant in their lives.



More to come

including computer links, ministry links, links to friends' websites, links to interesting stuff, etc.