Julia's Mexican Restaurant

I began eating at Julia's at my brother's invitation. It soon became a regular lunch spot. I enjoy their salsa and they keep the chips coming throughout your meal. Again my favorite is the Chimichanga, but the lunch fajitas are excellent as well (although I usually have to ask for at least one more tortilla). My brother really likes their Burrito Special without guacamole or sour cream (what's "special" about that???). The family that runs Julia's is very personable and friendly. The only downside is the restaurant can be quite crowded during the lunch hour so plan to arrive before noon or after 12:45 because otherwise it may be difficult to get a seat.

I've mostly eat at Julia's for lunch but on occasion we've enjoyed supper there as well. The restaurant is somewhat less crowded but the food is equally good. One evening we had a singing group that ministered at our church and wanted to eat out afterwards. We called Julia's and asked how late they would be open. When I told them how large the group was (there were around 20 of us) they told me to come on and don't worry about how late it was. (What a refreshing change from some restaurants who groan when you tell them a large group is coming or who don't want to serve you 30 minutes before closing.) The staff was wonderful, the food was delicious and the singers want to go back next time they're in town!

Julia's was started in 1981 by Ben & Eva Cabrera. They still run the restaurant every day with help from their children Chiqui (my favorite), Yoly, Ben Jr., John and Kay (daughter-in-law).

Julia's is located on the service road around the South Traffic Circle between Cuco's and JC Penney.

(written 5/25/02)



Julia's Mexican Restaurant

2204 Worley Drive
Alexandria, LA  71301

11am-2pm & 5pm-10pm
11am-2pm & 5pm-11pm