Our house

We've recently been remodeling our house. We've rebuilt the room on the back, putting a pitch roof on in place of the flat roof. Here are some pictures of the house in process.

This picture is of the rebuilt back room taken from one end of the house, before the siding is put on.

Another picture of the new room from a slightly different angle. The insulation is stacked up in front of a window. Next to the window, where the fireplace used to be, we built out so the TV would actually be inset in the wall.

One more picture of the back room from the opposite side. This shows the back door opening onto what will be a 9x12 porch.

This is a shot from inside the back room towards the house showing the framing and the sliding glass door that is no more

This picture is from the glass door to the window just to the left of the recessed TV/entertainment area.

This picture is taken from the sliding glass door looking towards the outside wall. The silver section just behind the ladder is where the fireplace used to be and is now the entertainment center. There are windows on both sides of the recessed section and a window on the right wall, which is next to the door.

Here's a great shot of the kitchen from the dining room. The sliding glass door is off to the right. All of the old cabinets were pulled out and Lori is either hammering in exposed nails or pulling them out. This also shows the mess the wiring was in. We rewired the whole kitchen before putting up sheetrock and the new cabinets.

This shot is the opposite of the shot above. I'm standing in the kitchen taking a picture towards the dining room. The sliding glass doors are on the left and the doorway on the right of the picture is the hall leading to the bedrooms. The red tile on the floor of the dining room was tough to get up. We scraped and scraped and scraped until finally I rented an electric tile scraper that got it up in about three minutes.

This picture is from the dining room towards the living room. The fireplace is covered up with paneling so the cats wouldn't try to climb out.

Speaking of cats, here's Oreo.

And here's Mocha. She's the older of the two and didn't appreciate us bringing Oreo home at first. But now they're great pals. Mocha loves to climb and whenever ladders are around you'll usually find her at or near the top.

This picture is of the living room after the sheetrock was put up but before we painted.

Here's the kitchen and dining room. Note the bar has been added and the sliding glass door is no more.

This shot is from the kitchen through the dining room into the TV room, which didn't have sheetrock yet but did have insulation and windows.

And so the saga continues. I'll post more picture as time goes by. 



Our house is a very, very, very nice house .... or so the song goes!